At Embassy City Church, we believe in the biblical principle of doing life together in small group community as a means of perfecting our love walk: being known, loved and loving others. . We do not view small groups as an additional church program to add to your schedule, but it is an integral part of healthy body life. Our deep desire is for every resident to find a place in a small group. The human soul and spirit was created to be in relationship with God and others as part of living an abundant and full life.

The scripture reminds us in Matthew 22:37-39 “to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.” Our small groups exist to create safe and loving small group contexts where our residents and their guests can connect and belong. Our groups foster the opportunity for people to be saved, be discipled, and directed toward serving God and others.

At Embassy City Church, we encourage people to come, grow, and go! Our Group Ethos aligns as well. In groups, we want people to come to a group, G.R.O.W. within the group, and go start their own!


G    Get in a group and gain connection and belonging


R    Relate authentically to people within the group and outside the group


O   One Another Practice field

      Practice encouraging one another, loving one another, praying for one another, being

      concerned for one another, forgiving one another, bearing burdens for one another,

      and serving one another.


W  Walk out a community centered mindset daily


Small Group Values:












If you are interested in:

  • leading a group
  • attending a group
  • hosting a group at your home

please email for more information or visit our groups page here.